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                Style Plus Design ltd based in YiWu China, is one of the leading manufacturers of fashion jewelry in China.

                Our mission is to provide a steady production outcome with substantial development on green products and safe environment for our workers, with this in mind, the goal of SPD is a never ending pursuit of improvement in such categories.

                We have developed a sound supporting system along with experienced production lines which runs by professional designers, 2D/3D graphic artists, and more than 300 skilled workers to meet various of product requirements, including white metal, brass, sterling silver, and manipulating.

                • Over 18 years of experience

                • ISO9001 in quality management

                • HIGG in environmental protection

                • 160000-square-feet self-owned factory

                • SLCP in social compliance

                • Recycled Claim Standard (RCS2.0)



                Reliable design force between US, Europe, China that guarantees the creative value of all clients


                One of the first manufacture import ISO9001 and Recycle Claim Standard in the industry


                Active logistics center in China, along with Pick & Pack warehouse in the US, and affiliate DC in Europe.